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World of Learning (Concept Launch Video)

An excellent example of what I have subsequently coined “productionless productions” — videos that build on a compelling script by layering graphics and narration onto pre-existing material (stock-photos/stock-footage/stock-music). A bottomless pit of potential...
© 2011 KnowledgeWorks / Bright Light Visual Comm.


Planting Seeds of Hope (Event Video — Opening Section)

Every year, the YWCA’s Career Women of Achievement Luncheon gives the community sobering insight into the real challenges the YWCA annually faces. It also celebrates the inspiring achievements they help to nurture. In 2012, when no original video was shot, lateral thinking led me to this result.
© 2012 YWCA of Greater Cincinnati / Bright Light Visual Comm.


5 Future Forces (Corporate Video - Opening/Closing Sections)

P&G asked The Institute For The Future to develop a long-range forecast for world-trends. When they wanted to see this research come to life in a video, they turned to Bright Light. For both the opening and the close, I dove into a “VUCA” world without declaring it as such. The ‘moo’ at the end was merely icing on a peculiar cake.
© 2010 P&G / Bright Light Visual Comm.


The Class of 2020 (Corporate Video — "Preview")

At a meeting bringing together over 600 Pampers executives from all over North America, former P&G CEO, John Pepper, emphasized his key points by quoting extensively from the script I had written. He concluded by calling this video: “the greatest articulation of a brand vision I’ve ever seen.”
© 2009 P&G / Bright Light Visual Comm.


Kroger Community (Event Video — Opening Section)

Piles of statistics in search of a soul... that was the challenge of Kroger’s “Community Video” — which was to debut at their 2012 Shareholders’ Meeting. Once the statistics were ingested, the ‘soul’ came through in a pleasant mathematical reduction that reveals how Kroger connects with its customers.
© 2012 Kroger Corp. / Bright Light Visual Comm.


50 Years of an Idea (Event Video — Opening Section)

When The Foundation For Educational Choice approached me to write this video, Milton Friedman’s idea for Parental Choice in education had just turned a half-century old. Though he is no longer with us, Mr. Friedman was well pleased with how this piece encapsulated an important aspect of his life’s work.
© 2005 / The Fnd. For Educational Choice / Bright Light Visual Comm.


Jaguar of Cincinnati (Spot)

From the moment Jaguar’s sexy, high-end footage came through Bright Light’s doors, it presented me with a great opportunity to invent a spot that would feel national in its scope. Look for the moment when the words “All–Aluminum Body” pop on; it’s quick, exhilarating, and projects raw speed.
© 2007 Bus. Courier Forty Under 40 Class / Bright Light Visual Comm.


Thompson Hine (Spot)

We’ve all suffered through those idiotic commercials where two ill-dressed, hair-challenged lawyers glare at the camera and say, “At Boffman and Bixby, we’re on YOUR side!” Thompson Hine wanted something more professional; something that reflected the dignity of their firm, yet maintained the edge that has always set them apart.
© 2007 Bus. Courier Forty Under 40 Class / Bright Light Visual Comm.


There's Nothing Cute About Underage Drinking (Spot)

This commercial was done for the Coalition for a Drug-Free Cincinnati and served as the cornerstone of a powerful TV/Radio/Print campaign. Building on Ryan Spalazzi’s idea of “kids in a bar” — this project’s power stems from the way it confronts the viewer on so many levels.
© 2008 Coalition for a Drug-Free Cincinnati / Bright Light Visual Comm.


TechSolve (Spot)

Straight-forward, but effective, this light and easy commercial contains one of my favorite lines: “Naturally, as a company that specializes in Continuous Improvement, we’ve only gotten better at it.” I thought that said it all. Happily, TechSolve agreed…
© 2007 Bus. Courier Forty Under 40 Class / Bright Light Visual Comm.


UGS's Global Innovation Network
(Corporate Video - Opening Section)

“An idea can come from anywhere...” That’s an imporant truth, I think. I wrote this script for UGS, who wanted to convey the importance of real-time Product Lifecycle Management on a global scale. The video had a long and prosperous “life” — producing numerous spin-offs.
© 2004 UGS / Bright Light Visual Comm.


The Living Cloth (Event Video - Opening Section)

“Our community is a complex and free-flowing fabric made up of many threads...” So begins this opening to the feature-video from the 2006 Career Women of Achievement Luncheon. As noted above, this is a thoughtful, provocative event held yearly in Cincinnati.
© 2006 YWCA of Greater Cincinnati / Bright Light Visual Comm.


P&G Military Sales Video (Corporate Outreach Video)

This piece was originally intended to be an introduction to a video–message from John Pepper, then the acting CEO of P&G. When it was presented to John in that order, he felt the video was far too powerful to require any follow-up. From then on, his message always preceded this video.
© 2004 P&G / Bright Light Visual Comm.


UGS's Ford Museum Innovation Piece
(Museum Video - Opening Section)

Sometimes, when you’re researching a project, you’ve got to be open to what you find. Such was the case here, where certain discoveries were eye-opening. Who knew the internal-combustion engine was invented 80 years before it was used in a car?! I made this insight the very backbone of the project.
© 2005 UGS / Bright Light Visual Comm.


American Woman (Event Video - Opening Section)

When Speaking of Women’s Health wanted to create a video that would attempt to define the American Woman, it seemed a tall order. Doing the only thing that made sense to me, I stitched together a singular, uniform “collage” out of disparate and contradictory parts. Judging from the feedback, it was a hit.
© 2003 Speaking of Women’s Health / Bright Light Visual Comm.

  Copyright © David Allison